Sandra & Mattias | Wedding story

Wow! What a day! I’m so happy that me and my boyfriend could travel to Sweden to be able to participate at my cousin Mattias wedding. Him and Sandra had planed everything so great and the party location had this amazing view. I just loved it! It was also nice to be there as a guest and not as the photographer, then I had no pressure and could relax and enjoy everything to the fullest. Thanks for an amazing day Sandra & Mattias!

Golden Hour

If you book a photographer the whole day you just have to reserve some time during golden hour (the hour before the sun is setting) and sneak out together with the photographer for a magical moment. You will thank yourself later for trusting the photographer, because these pictures are the once you will hang up on your walls later on. I promise! Since Sandra & Mattias just booked their photographer for portraits and during the ceremony in the church, I asked them if I could take some photos of them during golden hour. The whole evening was very cloudy and when the time came they both were a bit skeptical about if it would be good pictures, but we sneaked out anyway and bam! The sky was so dramatic and powerful! I love dark cloudy skies, it creates so much more feeling and gives the pictures an extra touch… So what I want to say, no matter the weather always make sure that you have some time reserved for a golden hour photo session during your wedding day. Let the photographer be a part of the planing process, because they know when to get the best pictures. Trust me! You won’t regret it!

The Party

Something that people also easily forget about is the party pictures… But then everybody is finally relaxing after all speeches and performances. Then it’s worth so much to have a photographer there to capture all the crazy expressions and all the happiness. The first dance is also something that you should make to an absolute magical moment. There should be sparkels and fire! For the pictures I recommend some kind of sparklers to create this magical atmosphere. (And make sure you have a lot of them and don’t light all of them at once)

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