Nadine & Dominik

This photo session I had with Nadine (Nadine Killmeyer Photography) and her boyfriend Dominik was just perfection. We had such a funny time together and I have to say that they were such naturals infront of the camera. I think people easily getting totally stressed out by the thought of not being in control (like they are when they take a selfie) during a photo session or a similar occasion. Those thought are what makes you ending up not booking that dreamy photo session with the love of your life during golden hour or the egoboost photoshoot with just pictures of yourself. People are so afraid of letting go of that control! I know it’s true because I can relate to that so much… Dare to let go everyone! I promise that you won’t regret that amazing moment when all you get to do is being right there in the moment with your love, cuddling, kissing and laughing your guts out. We are not living in the moment to often anymore and it’s so easy to forget about enjoying the little things and moments in life. A photo session could be worth every second and maybe you wake up and realize to live more now and not later during that moment in the spotlight… Just a little reminder!

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