Canoeing in Sweden

Now I finally have a moment over to sit down and write about my last visit in my home country Sweden. It’s soon a whole month ago, crazy how time flies… Anyway, me and my boyfriend spent some days canoeing in the beautiful area of ”Dalsland”, which is located in south west part of Sweden on the border to Norway. There are literally just two a bit bigger citys located in this area and except of them there are just small villages. It was pretty exciting to go touristing in your own home country like that and I realized how many beautiful places there are in Sweden that I have not seen jet. Dalsland was definitely a place worth visiting and we stayed out for 3 nights in total. We rented our canoe at a camping/eventcenter called Alcatraz located in Gustavsfors. They were nice and I can recommend going there if you are in to canoeing.

I think the best part was actually to sleep in a tent together with my boyfriend and cooking at a gas stove. It was so simple but still so good. It’s definitely something I would like to do again in different places both in Sweden and other countries. Compared to the city life in Wien it was so nice and quiet. Even if the weather wasn’t the best, we still had a good experience. It was raining a bit back and forth, but in the end it didn’t matter that much. The last day of paddling was a bit windy and that was worse, since we had to cross the lake in straight towards wind in order to get back on the right corse. But we still got back and had a really good night sleep.

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