Frida & Ylan | Boho countryside wedding in Sweden

I’m so glad that I took myself the time and chance to join my friend and colleague Kajsa for this amazing wedding in Sweden. I had to spend almost 6 hours in the train that day, but oh it was worth it! The wedding took place on this beautiful mansion outside of Katrineholm (in the Stockholm area in Sweden) and the couple was so friendly and familiar. Even if I never met them before they welcomed me and it felt like we already knew each other. Thanks to Kajsa (Kajsa Göransson Photography) and Frida & Ylan for letting me be a part of your very special day.

When I arrived with the taxi to the mansion I was so excited and it was so nice to see Kajsa again. We met for the first time on an organized photo roadtrip on the west coast of USA and we felt pretty fast that we could have a lot of fun together. The trip was so awesome and something I will remember for the rest of my life. Anyway back to the wedding… Kajsa came to meet me and we instantly met the groom Ylan and then we went on to meet the bride Frida. The excitement was on top and my expectations just became bigger and bigger. Me and Kajsa helped to go get the flowers in order to keep the time schedule. That’s so important, to not just be the photographer but also help with all kind of stuff to make it easier for the couples during the day. They should be able to relax and not get stressed over small things, they are nervous as it is.

Behind this wonderful mansion Frida & Ylan had their moment with the first look right next to the lake. The whole place was just so pretty and typical Swedish and I really like that. Kajsa did the first look moment a bit differently than most photographers does it, she lead Frida all the way to Ylan and then they got to stand back to back for a while to build up the expectations and getting more and more exited. Then they got to turn around and see each other for the first time all dressed up and beautiful looking. It was such an authentic moment! Love it!

All the details were so beautiful and I just have to say that I love Fridas flower bouquet (closeup further down) and her earrings fitted to the whole style just perfectly. This boho classy look was so gorgeous and she looked just awesome. For my future wedding I will definitely get inspired from her look, especially from the flowers. Wild flower bouquet’s are the most beautiful by far!

After the first look there was pictures with the whole bride and groom squad on the schedule and Kajsa had already checked a location on a smaller open field not far from the mansion. I love when there are a lot of bridesmaids, it’s just so funny pictures in the end and you will have them for the rest of your life as a memory. During this session there was so meny fun moments and all you need to do is to scroll down to see what I mean.

I’m starting to laugh from all these pictures and the memory of how it was to be there in real life. It’s so worth it to hire someone to take pictures of your day and you don’t have to worry about that it’s not going to be any good pictures. I learned so much from Kajsa and for me as a new wedding photographer it’s so useful to get some more experience form joining other photographers that has more experience in the wedding area. Now I feel way more confident about photographing weddings on my own and I’m looking forward to the wedding season 2020.

Another thing I learned from Kajsa was to use simple locations, it doesn’t always has to be the most spectacular location for the couple shoot. Like the two locations above. They were right outside the barn where the party was going to be in the evening and it didn’t look like much really. But on picture it doesn’t matter that much since the background is blurry most of the time anyway. So trust the photographer and let them do their job!

Frida & Ylan had some crazy ideas for the pictures and one of them was to blow of a firebomb in the background. More craziness from my wedding couples please!!! Love it!

The classic wedding photos, but somehow not classic at all… I loved how Kajsa worked together with the couple and I learned so much from her. I love when there are movement and a lot of emotions in the pictures. Who agrees??

The ceremony took place outside and they decided in the last minute to go for the original plan since the weather was a bit unstable. Luckily the rain stayed away and everything was perfect in the end. I love the dramatic clouds and the dark sky. They couldn’t have chosen a better place for the ceremony!

After the ceremony and the mingel it was time for me to leave and take the train back to Växjö in Småland. This day was truly amazing and I’m once again so happy and great full that I took myself the time. I happily share more stories like this one with you! Are you interested in seeing more?? Let me know in the comments down below!

Frida & Ylan

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