Yoga photo session

Hi everyone! You know what?! It’s Friday! Hahah and I’m so excited about weekend even if I don’t really have any plans… I’m just having a good feeling and there’s only good vibes. Another good vibe moment was this photoshoot with Julia Hofgartner – aka. Yogaandjuliet on Instagram. I wrote her an e-mail a while back and asked her if she was up for a portfolio shoot and she gave me such positive response. This was in the beginning of summer and we had to reschedule for I don’t know how meny times… But we didn’t give up and I’m so happy we could find a day that both of us were in a good mode. The result became so good and we had a good connection! Julia was such a nice person and I like that she’s so open and share a lot of herself in real life as well as in social media’s.

When I wrote her that e-mail I also wrote some other yoga profiles that’s big on Instagram, but from them I never heard a word. I’m not expecting people to answer that they’re in every time, but I think it’s nice to at least get a nice answer. I’m not going to complain, because I don’t know what reasons people have to not answer e-mails. I will try to answer everyone even it I’m not always available and spread some good vibes. Good vibes only as they say! If you have any questions regarding this shoot, let me know in the comments below. Over and out! Have an awesome weekend everyone!

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