Julia & Alex | Wedding story

This was a day I have been looking forward to for a long time now and it lived up to my expectations and more. To start, a big thanks to Sophie Häusler, Julia and Alex for letting me be a part of this day. My day as second shooter started a bit after lunchtime when I met Sophie at the location, Europahaus. The whole wedding took place here and the ceremony was outside, love love love that! Can just everyone get married outside? The reception and dinner was in a lovely orangery with big windows and magical decorations. The whole atmosphere was just lovely and Julia and Alex had planned it just perfect. To start we were going to photograph getting ready pictures of Julia and here bridesmaids. It was a cozy moment with a relaxed atmosphere and not that much nerves…

Getting Ready

Her dress was so magical! I love the simplicity but still so detailed and light. Jewelry, shoes and hair was on point and had a boho romantic style and Julia was so beautiful. Simpel can be such a success and I just loved all the details in this case. Same with the rings, simple but oh so beautiful! The invites and menus was also going with this boho romantic style and I really like it. The nice thing with decorations is that you can do so much on your own and it doesn’t have to be so expensive.

I think the getting ready moment are such an important part of the day and that you take this moment to spend time with your bridesmaids and family. Don’t stress, plan so that you have enough time to enjoy this moment and to get all the pictures that you want. If you are getting ready in a nice hotel room or other photogenic place I can recommend that you should take 10 minutes for some portraits of just you in a nice spot with good light (maybe next to a big window or similar). These portraits usually turn out very elegant.

First Look

This moment is so beautiful and should be a part of every wedding and preferably before the ceremony to make it more real. It should really be the first time you see each other that day! So much emotions could just hit ju in this moment and it’s just pure happiness. I’m getting all warm in my whole body from just the thought of moments like this. Make sure it will be special! Julia & Alex had a lot of humor and they were just so happy to see each other in that moment.

L O V E . L O V E . L O V E


Julia & Alex had decided to go for mingel and group photos before the actual ceremony and all guests arrived at 16.00 in the afternoon. Personally I liked this way of planing it a lot! Then all the guests could grab a drink and a snack before the ceremony and get into a good mood. Also from the perspective of a photographer the light for a outside ceremony were so much better then in the middle of the day. But Julia is a photographer her self, so of cause she thought of that. Big plus! Mingle pictures of your guests during the wedding are so important and as a photographer you can’t forget them. I like to tell a story and the guests are one of the most important part in your wedding story, since you invited them to share your love. Storytelling are such a nice way of capturing a wedding day and not just these stiff poses on all pictures. I like movement and authentic expressions!


Details and decorations are also a part of your story and they tell a lot of who you are. I just love this boho style and a touch of romantic is never a minus and that really mad it good in this case. I love the setting on the tables, just magical! The old pink or dusty pink is just pure magic and it creates such a romantic feeling. All decorations was on point! As a photographer it’s always more fun if the surroundings, deco and atmosphere is like a fairytale.


Expectations was on top when it was finally time for the ceremony. Sun was slowly disappearing behind the trees, excitement and nerves was vibrating in the air and everything was just so beautiful. It was a shorter ceremony and that’s just perfect when you are outside. It was so special for me since I’ve never been to an Austrian wedding before, but this was nothing like a traditional wedding. It was modern and chic! Love it! Feelings, tears and laughter were there a lot of and in the end everyone could celebrate Julia & Alex as wife and husband.


After the ceremony and all gratulations the dinner area opened up for all the guests and the orangery filled up with laughter and sparkel. The fairy lights made the atmosphere a bit more magical and I sat down for a minute while Sophie photographed the speeches. Then I felt how tired my feet and body was from standing almost all day… It is exhausting to photograph weddings, it’s not just a myth… Hahah! Anyway, dinner got served and it was so delicious and nice to breathe for a moment. During the dinner we didn’t photograph that much, since it’s not so nice for the guests to be photographed while eating… The evening continued with the cake and it sparkled as much as the rest of the day and evening. On to the first dance! Julia & Alex had chosen to do a bit faster first dance and they did it really good! They also had sparklers, but the effect wasn’t as awesome as it can be since they had a faster dance and needed a bit more space. But oh, still a magical moment! A tip to you who want those magical sparkel pictures during the first dance, make sure your guests are standing tight and you guys in the middle. And don’t light all sparklers at the same time, then the moment will be so much shorter… Last, get a lot of them!!!

And so this love story begins…

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