Yeeeey! You want to book a session with me...

Let me take you threw step by step how your experience with me will be like. I will also give you tips and recommendations about what to think about before we meet up and create magic together. Let's start!



If you are here it means you sent me a booking request! Welcome! The next step to create magical pictures together with me are to go threw my specially designed booking page. This page are full of good tips and information you need to feel prepared and excited about our photo session.

When you have collected all the important information you fill out the booking form to confirm what package you want to book and when you wish our photo session to take place. I would also like to hear what expectations and visions you have. After that I will send you a simple contract that you need to sign to make the booking permanent. The contract exists to make both you and me safe and to make it clear how we are allowed to use the pictures we create together after the session.

I also want to get a more personal impression about who you are and connect on a deeper level. I want to get to know you better to be able to do a better job during our photo session.

That's why I always want to meet up around 30 min before our photo session for a coffee, tea or just a nice chatt in the sun... It could also work out that we meet up and travel to our location together. Then I would love to hear some funny story about you that always make you laugh, what your favorite TV-Series is or your favorite jokes.

During the photo session I want you to be yourself and just enjoy the moment.

Afterwords I will send you the collection of pictures you can choose from in a beautiful online gallery, usually with a bit more than the maximum 30 pictures. Of cause you can buy more pictures if you just can't choose... I will send you the bill on the day of our photo session and it should be paid within 30 days. When you have chosen your pictures and paid the bill (always over bank, I don't take cash), you will get the final result delivered in the online gallery with the possibility to download all of them. Notice that the online gallery will only be available for a month.



The question about what clothes to choose are always a problem, at least for us girls... Can you relate? And what clothes am I going to ware for a professional photo shoot??? (panic) Stay calm! I will give you some helpful tips that will make you feel calm and in control over the situation. If wanted I will send you some inspiration pictures over Pinterest.

1. Leather and Jeans ALWAYS work! Either you have black pants and jeans jacket together with a one colored shirt (white, beige or gray) NO big logos! This applies to both boys and girls, great hu?


2. For colder weather or indoor sessions a knitted sweater would do the work for you. Oversize give a nice touch! Same here, no colorful colors. Stick to the white, beige and gray and the result will be awesome.


3. For family sessions it's always nice when there are a red tread in the clothing, but it should not be to matchy... Always think that there should be one basic shirt or pants on everyone in the family. Different layers also gives a nice effect in all photos, for example you can ware t-shirt, one layer over and then a jacket. A beanie for colder weather are so nice!!!


4. If you are a colorful person you can still ware dark blue, dark red, brown or olive green. That's the colors that fit in to my style of editing the photos later on. I would be forever great full if you are following my advices and it will also make you to a happier customer.


5. In summer a maxi dress in bohemian colors could be the nice touch that's creating that great feeling in the pictures.


6. Never dress up all in black!



What is a good location for a photo session? That does not always have to be such a tricky question. I like to photograph people in their right elements, so it could be at your home or right outside your house.

1. Your Home! A home story can be among the best ones. Then you definitely feel comfortable with the location and can relax more. Preferable is if you have bigger windows, some more natural colors or a very personal home. I love interior and would love to capture you in your stylish home.


2. In the park (preferable when there are not so many people) A cloudy day there are not so many people in the park before lunch... Moody cloudy days are perfect for a photo session.


3. On the field next to the forrest in the sunset! High gras, a forrest line and a golden sun then your safe. Magic will be created in this conditions for sure!

4. In a winter wonderland! You know that winter is one of my favorite times of the year?? I love snow! What's even better is that there can be magical pictures in a winter wonderland and I'll promise you a stunning result. And imagine the nice sweaters you can ware!


5. On a rocky beach! Ooooh, I really like the roughness of rocks. It can give a really nice texture in the backgrounds. I like the contrasts between water and rocks.


6. In the forrest line next to your house. As simple as that, mostly there are perfect locations right next to your home.


7. An Urban location in the city! Not everyone likes nature best and I want to capture you in your right element, so urban can be the right choice for you.


8. Mountains!!! Imagine a photo session in the last light of golden hour and the magical blue hour when the sun already disappear behind the mountain tops. That can't be other than magical!



Where to start!? Did I mention that I love the light during golden hour and also blue hour?

I really hope that I made you fall in love with the magical light of golden hour and blue hour, as much as I already am. And I hope you understand the difference in the different light situation and that it will deliver another feeling depending on when you choose to photograph. For me the light is very important and I can guarantee that you will love your pictures if you want to book a golden hour/blue hour session with me.


A cloudy day can be as good, in fact sometimes better. I do especially like when the sun peaks out behind the clouds and create magic. I can't wait to create that kind of magic with you guys infront of the camera!



I know a lot of you think it's a bit scary just to think of standing in front of a camera and that someone will take pictures of you. Well, I can tell you that I'm just the same! I think it should be a little bit scary, because then, when you realize that it's not really scary, you will be so much more relaxed and live out your true self. You know, I won't bite you and nighter will my camera. (I promise, I trained him well...hahah)

I want to create pictures of YOU and then I want you to be comfortable with doing what feels natural for you. I will of cause half you and talk to you all the time, but I also want you to enjoy this moment with each other, almost as if I was not there...



Check your junkmail if you have not got an answer within a few days after sending your request...


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love Olivia