Welcome to my new blog here on the website! If you are interested to know more about my passed I have an old blog at I’m not going to be so active there anymore, but I still love to post more then on Instagram… I like to write longer texts once in a while and combine that with pictures. That was why I started my blog a long long time ago (which you will see if you check my archive)… I wanted to show the world my pictures! I wanted to create! I wanted to express myself in a new way… Now I’m doing that and so much more. This blog post will continue to be about my trip to Slovenia in April this year, because travel is something I just love to do together with my camera. 


I just want to start by saying that everybody should travel to Slovenia once in their lives. It’s a country that you are easily forgetting about, but the nature and that variously this country has to offer is truly amazing. Since we did not have 100% good weather during our trip we had the opportunity to make some road trips and for that I’m so happy. We drove all the way down to the Adriatic see one day to this super cute and cozy town called Piran. I mean that day we started in the northwest Slovenian mountains and visited the see and then went back on the same day.

Everything is very easy to reach by car, even if it took a while to get use to all the serpentine roads that follows the landscape in this country. It’s nothing like Sweden or east Austria… All roads in Sweden are very wide if you compare to Slovenian roads and sometimes it was really scary to drive in the tight turns. That was definitely a cool experience and I’m so happy that we made it a roadtrip. If you are traveling to Slovenia I would definitely say that you need a car to travel around in this country, if you would like to see as much as possible. It was a bit funny when we was at the Italian border to Slovenia on our way to Soca Valley. We got a bit of a chock when the road just got more and more narrow (in comparison to the highways from where we came). All the driving was worth it and we got to see so many cool places! The first thing we did when we arrived to the hotel, was to make a short hike to the waterfall Boka. We decided to continue a bit on the path up the mountain to get a better view over the valley and it was worth it.

The view from the hiking path

To enter Soca Valley there are tree different roads to take and when we first came we entered it from the Italian border more in the north. In the south end of the Valley you enter from a small town called Kobarid. One of the rainy days we visited the museum from WW1, since this place was an important part of the frontline towards Italy in the war. I like to get some historical background from the places I visit. That helps me to get a better understanding of why a place looks like it does or why all the people act in a certain way and so on… Culture is important and a big part of our history! It was raining a lot this day, but in between there was this awesome fog over the mountains and for a photographer that’s just mega nice. I love when my travel pictures are more than just this sunny holiday all the time, I love the mystic feeling and clouds creates more contrast in the pictures.

One of the days we decided to drive the third way out of the valley towards Kranjska Gora, a pretty well known skiing area. This road was the most narrow serpentine road so far and it was so cool to reach the top and then go down the mountain on the other side. To travel along with the landscape are such an exciting and overwhelming feeling since you get to see so much more that way. I lovet that way of traveling! Anyway, we made a short stop in Kranjska Gora and then we drove on to a cool canyon and then Lake Bled, the most famous place in Slovenia I think. That place was way to touristic if you ask me and it was so hard to get a nice picture of the island with the church in the middle of the day in the sunlight… On our way back to our hotel that evening we also stoped by another lake (the one on the first picture) and it was also amazing, but we did not have time to stay there so long sadly.

During one of the days with better weather we made a hike and on our way there we saw that a group of kayakers just started their tour. I just had to take some action pictures and I think they turned out pretty good. I really enjoy to photograph people in movement doing some kind of sport. It’s just so exciting! If you guys want to see more action pictures on my Instagram or here you have to tell me!

The hike we made was also so cool! We were completely alone and in the middle of nowhere. It took us a while, but we ended up by a really cool waterfall in the woods. On the way there were all these cool bridges over the river and oh man what I wish that I would have had a drone during this trip. That’s defiantly something for the future! This was not our last trip me and my boyfriend did together. I’m so amazed about Slovenia and I would love to go back there and try out kayaking and maybe do some more hiking. We did try rafting as well and that was so much fun, but then I just had my GoPro. Check out my Youtube channel if you want to see more and the video you can find HERE.

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