Sara Olivia Marinette Henningsson

It’s so fun that you found your way here! So let me introduce myself! My name is Olivia Henningsson and I’m a Swedish girl that just turned 23 y/o. Photography has always been in my life somehow and I remember that I always thought that it was very fun to go with my mom to hand in the analog film at the local photo store. Then we had to wait for the result and that was the most exciting. Since then my interest for photography just became bigger and bigger.


In September 2018 I decided to start Olivia Henningsson Photography AB. I have already learned so much and I do really look forward to learn even more. All the amazing moments that just waits to be caught on image and live on forever, that is what drives me as a photographer. The golden hour light, mountains and bohemian/retro style makes my heart beat a little extra.


Personally I love to travel together with my camera and explore new places. The dream would of cause be to be able to travel in my work as a photographer. Skiing is also a big passion of mine and the camera always come with me up on the mountains. Winter and autumn are the best time of the year if you ask me and snow makes me silly happy. And the best thing with this time is that you are allowed to stay inside watch a good serie and drink a big cup of tea.


E-mail: contact@oliviahenningsson.com


Tele: +46 (0) 768422128

xoxo Olivia