It’s so exciting that you found your way here! I can’t wait to hear more about who you are and why you feel a connection to my pictures. My philosophy is to make my customers feel as comfortable with me and my camera as possible. Being photographed should be a fun experience that you will remember for a long time and want to do again.

In September 2018 I felt that I needed to take my photography to another level. It was not enough as a hobby anymore. Can you relate? You business owners out there for sure know what I mean when I say that a big WHY was freedom. The freedom to decide over your own time, creativity and not having any boundaries... Recently it became clear to me that I want to work more wit other creative souls and help other businesses to grow with help of professional pictures for their brand.

If you found your way here it means that you liked something about my pictures, maybe my style of editing? Maybe the feeling in my pictures or something completely different? I can't wait to hear from you!

I think that a photographer never finds his/her perfect style right away, so that’s something that will grow with time, a lot of practice and several hours infront of the computer editing. I would describe my photography style as natural, a bit to the moody side and with a touch of retro/boho/vintage. Outside in the natural light during the golden and the blue hour, that’s when you will get the most magical pictures for your future family albums.

A photo session is an investment that you will be grateful of for the rest of your life. To bee photographed by someone professional that has it as their full time job is a big difference than asking your friend, who happen to own a camera… YOUR experience is what is important to me! It’s also a great egoboost for you to get the final result and being able to show the world how beautiful you are. I would never edit my pictures to make someone look thinner or change shapes in the face and so on… YOU are beautiful just the way YOU are!

Fun Facts:

- I love chocolate, maybe a bit to much...

- I'm good at navigating!

- Nature makes me calm.

- I'm a fan of Harry Potter, both books and movies...

- I'm crying to romantic movies and Disney movies...

- I'm a calm and positive person!

- Sunsets and magic light makes me freak out!

- I love to explore new places!

- I'm always in time!

- I can play golf

- I'm an educated level 1 ski instructor

- I've worked as an Au pair

xoxo Olivia


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- Live abroad - check!

- Explore Iceland - check!

- Live in the Alps - check!

- Work as a ski instructor - check!

- Go on a road trip in Norway

- Make a winter expedition and sleep in a tent under the stars

- See polar lights

- Climb a mountain

- Own a van and live van life

- Make a road trip on the west coast in the USA - check!

- Explore Scotland - check!

- Explore Ireland

- See Harry Potter studios and visit locations they used in the movies

- Go skiing in Canada & Japan

- Build my dream house

- Fall in love - check!

- Start my own business - check!

- Become a mom

- Learn a new language - check!

- Take place in the Swedish cross country race "vasaloppet"

- Go on a road trip in North Sweden

- Get married

- Go on a road trip threw the Austrian Alps and north Italy

- Explore New Zealand

- Play golf in Scotland with my dad